Luluei with Lucy and Sophia
Lucy is determined, hard-working woman with a true entrepreneur’s heart. She started her own business in Brazil when she was just 17 years of age, and since then she has never looked back. Sophia is growing up to be the same amazing woman her mother is, with her outgoing and friendly personality, at just 14 years old she impresses everyone around her Helping her mother build their American dream, together they will be able to achieve any goals they have in life.
They come from a small town in North East Brazil, and their dream is to bring the unique and high-quality Brazilian fashion to the US.
Luluei clothing, beachwear and accessories are made from high-end quality fabric and have unique prints that we hand-picked from different Brazilian Stylists. Our sun visors and hats for example, are not only elegant and sophisticated, but they’re an artesian hand-made piece that provides UPF50+ protection. You can wear it for any outdoor activity all year around. It’s the perfect accessory to your look, taking care of your skin by protecting your face and neck from harmful UV rays.
Luluei is not just about clothing, it is about being happy and transmitting joyfulness through what you wear, with elegance and a strong feminine presence that will stop the room. We

provide the experience of being a beautiful and stylish Brazilian woman without having to go to Brazil or being from there. You won’t be able to find what we offer anywhere else in the US.
Unique, fun and feminine. We are Luluei. We are Brazil.